best warkey for dota

Supports Warcraft.26 patch and other previous versions.
Mouse Wheel Bind: You can bind any Keyboard key to your mouse wheel.
W3x For Wc3 Patch.28a or newe put it into this path: (view the image).
Here comes an awesome pack of DotA Tools developed by Crisgon.
Another feature of Dota.83d Ai is the improved bot behaviour, now they last hit and deny better!Dota.83d Ai Installation Requirements to play DotA.83d Ai: Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Patch.26 or higher.Simple and medium computer will buy a photo gold serial crack keygen courier.Resolution Changer: You can change your Warcraft 3 Resolution whatever you want.W3x to the correct path: For Wc3 Patch.26a,.27a,.27b or older : Put it into this path: c:Program Files (x86)Warcraft iiimapsDownloadDotA.83dAI PMV.42.This tool has other great features too, check them out!Kidding, This will allow you to send Quick Messages by binding a key.Mad computer experience gain increased.

Meepo Super Keys (meepo bot).
Dota ai maps retired and someone has to do their work.
Tip: You can use prefix, for ll: "your text here" - This will send messages in all.
Poof Boot: Bind 1 key for all Meepo clone's poof, they will poof to the original Geomancer.Program Hotkeys: - Active/disable "hotkey function" hotkey Home - Active/disable "AI block mouse" hotkey End - (Alt) Hotkey: show ally's hp bar - (Alt) Hotkey: show enemy's hp bar - (AltM) Hotkey: check current state of function - (AltP) Hotkey: Pause/Resume "game" - (AltF4) Hotkey.Optimizations of conditions to kill Ai data.Txt: DotA.83d Ai Screenshots Dota.83d Ai Screenshot (Sniper vs Invoker Dota Allstars.83d Ai Loading Screen : (It has chinese text a beta logo on it, but dont be afraid it is the final english version.) Wallpaper of the Artwork: Have fun Dota.Download Dota.83d Ai here: Dota.83d Ai Map Info: Dota.83d is a PMV version, this stands for personal modified version, but it became popular because the old map creators of the.