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Intersection by Angles (Graphic intersection computation using the "Angles" method.See how Inkscape gives Adobe Illustrator a run for its money!Registration of email is required to activate the program.Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw also offer a similar functionality.NRG Cogo.3 (11.9Mb nRG has released a freeware version of its.Optional (and for Windows users only) : Download deskew.Start Windows (HAL) (43 Kb) From the film 2001- Space Odyssey. .

The software can also be used to view.CAT files in a "human" form.
Leica GSI, CSV DXF converters DOS Convert.0b (39 Kb) MS DOS prompt executable program to strip co-ordinates recorded in Leica GSI format into CSV format without the need for Survey Office or Excel. .
The zip-file also contains some test data loaded into a worksheet.
Structural Engineering Hilti Profis Anchor (Link) Freeware (requires registration) that allows the correct type of Hilti anchor to be selected given the necessary load/upthrust parameters.
Pick the yellow colored tile that says PDF to JPG.Its bit of a problem when one of the content types embedded in a PDF document are images.Typically this would be the corners of your scanned image.Implement Manuals are also available.CSV2GSI.2 (356 Kb) An updated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that converts CSV co-ordinates and Observations into either GSI-8 or GSI-16 strings.They are located via "Quick Links" in the upper left corner of your screen.It can be useful if you want to reduce the size of the original images.What Is a PDF, file and Why Do We Still Rely on Them?Hit that and a pull-down appears where you'll find "PDF Manuals".