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2003/04/21, the IDE ZIP 250 drive or specific cdrw malfunctions with NF7 series mainboards.
2003/02/18, how to install memory modules correctly on NF7-S/NF7/NF7-M?
Why does the performance slow down after updating bios?Copyright 2006 Universal abit., Ltd.Newsletter Sign-Up search, browse by processor - Select One -LGA775Mobile SocketSocket AM2Archives.(NF7-S2, NF7-S2G) 2004/04/15, why can't I synchronize my bios abit EQ settings?(BD7III, BE7, BE7II, BH-71, IC7, IC7-G, IC7-MAX3, IS7, IS7-E, IS7-E2, IS7-G, IS7-M, IS7-V, IS7-V2, KD7A, KV7, VA-10, VI7, VT7, NF7-S, NF7, NF7-M, NF7-SV2.0, NF7V2.0) 2004/04/07, why can't I change the multiplier of my AMD.(NF7 /NF7-S /NF7-M ) 2003/03/24, how's the IRQ sharing issue for the NF7-S board?NF7-S nForce 2 Chipset (K7 FSB 400, Dual DDR400, AGP 8X, Serial ATA, ieee1394, USB2.0.SoftMenu abit Engineered, fAQs, total Rows:9, page:1/1.Question, hits 2005/04/25, installation of the AMD Athlon and Duron CPU (AN7, KD7A, KV7, KV7-V, KW7, NF7, NF7-M, NF7-S, NF7-S2, NF7-S2G, VA-10, VA-20) 2004/09/23, why my ccmos jumper (cmos Memory Clearing Header) differ from the User's Manul?The abit logo is a registered trademark of abit.

# dd if/dev/hda of/dev/null bs1m # Check for bad blocks # dd bs1k if/dev/hda1 convsync, noerror,notrunc gzip ssh # Send to remote [email protected] 'dd ofhda1.gz bs1k' # dd bs1k if/dev/hda1 convsync, noerror,notrunc g # Store into an call of duty 4 v1.0 cracked servers image # mount -o loop /g /mnt #.
# host -t MX # Get the mail MX entry # host -t NS -T m # Get the NS record over a TCP connection # host -a t # Get everything Reverse queries Find the name belonging to an IP address (pa.).
# Special cases: (Not sure this is right ;-) if isinstance(rent, cument #node.# connect on port 20022 In Konqueror or Midnight Commander it is possible to access a remote file system with the address fish [email protected]# FreeBSD if diff file1 file2 wc -l!# I first saw this feature in plucker a long time ago, and I know Calibre has it too.# ssh -L 2401:localhost:2401 -L 8080:localhost:80 [email protected] Netbios and remote desktop forward to a second server Let say a Windows smb server is behind the gate and is not running ssh.# cmd 1 file # Redirect and append stdout to file.# 0 is the command itself # # The number of arguments * # All arguments (also Special Variables # The current process ID?# cvs import options directory-name vendor-tag release-tag # cd /devel # Must be inside the project to import it # cvs import myapp Company R1_0 # Release tag can be anything in one word After a while a new directory devel/tools was added and.# -dvd-compat closes the disk # growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/o # Burn existing iso image # growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd -J -R /p/to/data # Burn directly Convert a Nero.nrg file.iso Nero simply adds a 300Kb header to a normal iso image.# ssh-keygen -t dsa -N ' # Creates a public and a private key # rsync.# nmap # scans all reserved TCP ports on the host # nmap -sP /24 # Find out which IP are used and by which host on 0/24 # nmap -sS -sV -O # Do a stealth SYN scan with version and OS detection port.# mount -u mount -a # will mount / rw # passwd # reboot Unixes and FreeBSD and Linux method 2 Other Unixes might not let you go away with the simple init trick.

# Install the hardware that I manually select # Network adapters # Microsoft, Microsoft Loopback Adapter.
# gpg -import c # You import her key into your pubring.