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Left: Black paint has been added to the leaves and allowed to dry.
What is masking fluid?
This close-up shows the contrast between the areas with heavy pigment (the yellow gerbera daisy) with areas of less pigment (the underpainting).Step 13, if youve d2 maphack for dota ever looked at a watercolor painting up close, youve noticed that often the artist will have lightly sketched a basic line drawing directly onto the paper before they began to paint.Home, stencil Fonts, share the #love, contact.The masking fluid allows the background to be painted in a quick wash.Background layer and make it a normal, workable layer.

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(For example, FFF White as snow.
Can you think of other reasons why an artist might use masking fluid to mask an area of a painting?Notice that the Paint layer is still the selected working layer.Keeping the characteristics of watercolors in mind, why do you think it is better to draw a light pencil sketch than a dark one?The pigments in watercolor paints can easily be lightened or lifted by wetting the paintbrush with clean water and then rubbing the paintbrush against the area to be lifted.Be careful not to overstate the effect here, watercolor paper has a very subtle texture.Dabbing the brush dry on a paper towel removes any excess pigment from the brush hairs.