canon eos 550ex user manual

FE (Flash Exposure) Lock.
Canon PowerShot SX710 HS, canon Digital ixus 980 IS, canon PowerShot SX410 IS, SX412.
FE lock obtains and locks the correct flash exposure for mq174 r1 dh se 3100.pdf any part of the subject.
Canon PowerShot A1000 IS, canon PowerShot A460, A450, canon PowerShot A620, A610.
Canon PowerShot A650 IS, canon PowerShot G5, canon PowerShot G11.High-Speed Sync (FP Flash high-speed sync (FP or game ps2 gta 5 focal-plane flash) enables flash synchronization at all shutter speeds from 30 sec.E-TTL Autoflash, e-TTL autoflash (preflash evaluative metering in memory) supplies the correct level of flash for the subject in the focusing point selected.Wireless Multi-Light E-TTL Autoflash, you can implement wireless pc game hacking programs multi-light E-TTL autoflash, using any or all of the features listed above.Refer to their respective user's guides for a list of functions that can be used with them.Modeling flash allows you to check shadows and the light balance produced by multi-light settings.You can bracket flash exposures by up to 2 stops, in 1/2-stop increments.This is the flash equivalent of AE lock.

The Canon 550EX Speedlite allows you to take high-quality flash pictures easily, in the same way as you would with a built-in flash.
In difficult focusing conditions, the AF-assist light is emitted from the 550EX Speedlite, and automatically linked to the active focusing point.
You can also use the Canon 380EX and 220EX Speedlites.
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Autoflash functions are not available with EZ, E, EG, ML, or TL-series Speedlites.In dark locations, you can set the camera to aperture-priority AE for automatic slow- sync operation, for a natural-looking exposure balanced between the subject and background.This provides the freedom to set up sophisticated lighting effects with no connection cords required.Flash Exposure Compensation, as with normal exposure compensation, you can use flash exposure compensation to adjust the flash output within a range of 2 stops, in 1/2-stop increments.Canon digital ixus 870 IS, canon Digital ixus 200 IS, canon ixus 145, 147, 150, 155, 157.(60, 75, 90,120, 150, 180).

FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing the FEB function is like AEB (autoexposure bracketing) with flash.