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Cutting to the chase, the A-80 is a waste of time and money. .
Set the mags to fire around 30-32 degrees. .
Keep in mind that I used the same accessory case that was giving good oil pressure with my old case.
I have also attached a copy of Continental Service Bulletin M64-6. .
The tappet bodies vary, and the ones used in the A-65 usually don't have the groove for the snap ring. .If the stumble improves or lessens, then this will be a sign to enrichen the idle mixture. .The lifter is set aside and then checked after five minutes or so to see if the lifter retains its inflated pressure or has leaked down.Some very light marks are ok, but anything that you can see or feel with a fingernail is no good.Overall, run it a bit and see how it e low oil pressure may be a bigger problem than the rough running.If you want to get fancy, there are various vacuum pump drive gears and bosses on the case that can be shaved off for a couple of pounds of weight savings.I paint most of my engines with the Plastikote paint as it is easy to use and really adheres well to aluminum. .

It may be necessary to remove the cooler from the system or at least block off airflow to the cooler.
In fact that's why I had the cowling of when I noticed the temp.
Therefore, the capability of the cylinder to hold static pressure of some value with no leakage is not a primary criteria for evaluating engine compression. .
AviationKnowledge - Shell Model Interface Errors This AviationKnowledge page provides examples of aviation accidents where errors or mismatches at shell interfaces have either contributed to or caused accidents AviationKnowledge - Shell Model Variants You can also consult on two variants to the shell model, namely.
Another common thread was that every single engine was repaired and run-in during colder temperatures of late Fall-early Winter.A leak like this rarely gets better through continued operation, and usually gets works. .Harry Follow-Up That is what I have for sure.This is probably the number one problem related to non-starting engines after overhaul. .Sorry about the kind of bad news, but better to be forewarned than disappointed when you are ready to run the engine.Thanks for the nice words, Chris. .There is a clear difference between parking with prop horizontal.You need to get your hands on a proper bore micrometer.I've taken the mags off to clean, inspect and reset; but I don't know how to set the internal timing. .Lots full house take 2 episode 16 of pilots have forgotten to close the throttle after trying to un-flood the engine, and then have been surprised when the engine starts up at full bore during the first starting prop blade. .The A-65 compression ratio is a whopping.3:1 (actually ALL the little Continentals from A-65 through C-85 have.3:1 CR- the C-85 makes more power on the low CR via longer stroke, greater displacement, different cam profile and higher operating RPM). .