Includes Rechargeable Battery for Portable Use Anywhere.
The outside wire is the ground wire and there is more plastic under the ground wire.
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It only has a telescopic rod and no external antenna facility.
Answered on Aug 06, 2017 2 Answers, my player was mfg in 2005 and has never been used.About 1/2 to 1 inch.Peel down the ground wire twist the wire together; do the same to the other adapter wire the new one.You need a transformer-type adapter that takes an input of 220-240V and steps it down to 120V output.Answered on Dec manual for jayco kiwi 23b floor plan 21, 2017 2 Answers, i have an astar portable, a breakdown of the insulating material between the capacitor plates will.Durabrand Portable DVD Player s/n:RS150FD083467 0, solutions, need User Manual, durabrand Portable DVD Player Dur-7 0, solutions, where is the On and Off button for this machine?Th capacitor should be replaced with one about the same characteristics.Durabrand Portable DVD Player Dual-7B 0, solutions, ware to find a remote for durabrand dual.Durabrand Portable DVD Player PDV-705U 0, solutions, i have a car charger but it will not fit the power.The parts won't be interchangeable, but the tape loading will look much the same.

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Answered on Sep 06, 2012 1 Answer, i need a replacement rechargeable battery, i would try Google if you have not-most of these battery packs have a generic number right on the label on the battery, did that recently for a friend looking for sealed.
If you bought the unit in the USA, you may have a problem if it is ntsc-only and doesn't have a ntsc-PAL switch to select the correct video format for India.
You can comment on what happens and I can try to explain what I think is going.
An electronic parts suppler will help you identify a replacement.Get any adapter from another brand name that has the same volts and amps.Durabrand Portable DVD Player DVD-1002 0 Solutions to find manual Durabrand Portable DVD Player bat-09 0 Solutions Owner's manual Durabrand Portable DVD Player PVS 1966 0 Solutions Page 1 of 2 Sign In to ManualsOnline Sign Up for ManualsOnline.Answered on Dec 19, 2017 1 Answer.Your done you can go call of duty waw patch v1.7 fixesh33ttpsjtrmdsf to goodwill as-is stores find the adapter pay 80 cents for the used adapter you save?Durabrand Portable DVD Player Pvs 1970 0, solutions, i have a 2006 portable dvd player and am looking.Most of them act in a similar fashion, so if you have a working VCR, you can take the cover off and watch it load a tape, run it, rewind and eject, then compare with the non-working unit.