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Its really almost impossible to damage an iSUP, run it over with a car or truck, it wont hurt.
Like most inflatable sup boards the iRocker comes as a complete kit; meaning you get the board, an adjustable aluminum paddle (that floats a pretty good backpack to transport the iSUP, a high volume pump, leash ati drivers update windows 7 and a repair kit.
The first time you drop it in kotor 2 patch lucasarts the water you will appreciate the fact it floats!
In the unlikely event you have a problem, they have excellent customer service, a real person will answer the phone and help you.Large hull watercraft and ball pits or air castles can require a greater PSI value.Most models come with a hand pump that usually works well.Sea Eagle BTP Mano Turbo Pump.Speed Just like inflatable kayaks, they are slower, since they need to be thicker and wider to provide adequate rigidity.Q: Can I use an electric pump to deflate an inflatable watercraft?The nice thing about them is that they wont chip, crack or dent like a standard SUP.Rocks, coral, sticks etc will not pop an inflatable paddleboard.Best Inflatable Paddle Board Brands After trying out quite a few inflatable SUPs I think we have a good handle on the best brands.

If you want to attach a seat, you can easily do that with the attached D-rings.
Inflated the Isle Airtech is 10 feet (3 meters) long, 31 inches wide (77cm) and 6 inches thick (15cm) and will hold just over 200 pounds (90kg) of weight.
Inflatable Paddle Board vs Rigid Epoxy Paddle Board To make a fair comparison, we took two identical sized SUPs, an isle 105 Versa and compared it to a Isle Airtech.They are especially desirable for kids who may not have the balance as an adult.Inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUPs) have some big advantages over their traditional hardboard counterparts and their convenience is hard to overstate.You can go over this slightly as you get more experience and can handle the board sitting lower in the water.Not only that, there is plenty of additional storage in the bag to carry along a life jacket, water bottle etc.Like any high quality iSUP, it is 6 thick and made from a military grade PVC.The Isle Airtech 10 is almost indestructible, you can literally run it over in your car and not hurt it!The Supflex inflatable paddleboard comes with a 2 year manufactures warranty, equaling the longest warranty on the market.The Supflex weighs only 22 pounds and folds up to 12 by 33 and comfortably carry 300 pounds of rider(s) and cargo.Width The wider the paddle board the more stability it will have.Ideally, rinse off your board after every use and dry it completely before storing it indoors with about 5 PSI of inflation so it remains fully unrolled.