Mephitic vapoursspontaneous combustionpressure of gases born of long decayany one of numberless phenomena might be responsible.
It appears that a new fear had been growing on Federal Hill since a stranger had entered the ge security system user guide dreaded church.
Główny bohater opowiadania, Robert Harrison Blake, po przeprowadzce do, providence zauważa stojący w odległości wielu kilometrów kościół.
It had bumped and slithered up into its tenebrous steeple just in timefor a long dose of light would have sent it back into the abyss whence the crazy stranger had called.Contents, in, providence, Rhode Island, Robert Blake, a young writer with an interest in the occult, becomes fascinated by a large disused church.What had been done here, and what might still be lurking in the bird-shunned shadows?There was a nightmare flight through a vast cobwebbed nave whose ghostly arches reached up to realms of leering shadow, a sightless scramble through a littered basement, a climb to regions of air and street-lights outside, and a mad racing down a spectral hill.The rusted remains of a hot-air furnace shewed that the building had been used and kept in shape as late as mid-Victorian times.The diary is strangely reticent about what Blake deciphered, but he was patently awed and disconcerted by his results.The room, about fifteen feet square, was faintly lighted by four lancet windows, one on each side, which were glazed within their screening of decayed louver-boards.Somebody had played a joke on the superstitious hill-dwellers, or stephen king pdf ebooks else some fanatic had striven to bolster up their fears for their own supposed good.Blake, aware of what he has let loose, is also terrified and prays for the power to remain.It hurt nobody now, and those that owned it were dead or far away.

These had been further fitted with tight, opaque screens, but the latter were now largely rotted away.
There was an amusing aftermath when the police sent an officer to verify the reports.
They had run away like rats after the threatening talk in 77, when people began to mind the way folks vanished now and then in the neighbourhood.
They spoke of the heptagonal stone pillar, the overturned Gothic chairs, and the bizarre plaster images; though strangely enough the metal box and the old mutilated skeleton were not mentioned.Lovecraft Encyclopedia suggests that this interpretation is the key to understanding the ending of "The Haunter of the Dark "We are to believe that the entity in the church-the Haunter of the Dark, described as an avatar of Nyarlathotep -has possessed Blake's mind but,.Then a sharp report from the outer world broke through his stupor and roused him to the unutterable horror of his position.He was on the embankment and almost inside the fence before anyone noticed him.It was one of these believers who, moved to fanatical extremes, threw into the bay the curiously angled stone and its strangely adorned metal box found in the old church steeplethe black windowless steeple, and not the tower where Blakes diary said those things originally.They call it up by gazing at the crystal, have a secret language of their own.They were the black, forbidden things which most sane people have never even heard of, or have heard of only in furtive, timorous whispers; the banned and dreaded repositories of equivocal secrets and immemorial formulae which have trickled down the stream of time from the.The cipher, he soon saw, was no simple one; and after a long period of endeavour he felt sure that its language could not be English, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, or German.