To me it looked like Northern Lights (never seen in real life).
In my case the lower 2/3 of the screen has become garbled.
Now you can remove the defective LCD screen and replace it with a new one.
A video output on an external screen would be perfect, without any lines.
Remove two screws securing each display hinge/bracket.Simply unplug the cable from the connector.Ive never seen this kind of video output caused by a bad video cable or bad FL inverter board.Best LED floodlights, today's BR30 LED floodlight bulbs are better and more affordable than ever before.

The following part numbers for HP Pavilion dv6000 could be helpful to you.
There are small hidden latches securing the bezel and youll have to wiggle it in order to release the bezel.
It displays same vertical lines.The Intel logo should be blue on a white background but it is red on a black background.As you see on the first picture, in my example the power adapter plugs into the DC-IN power jack which is connected to the motherboard via a harness.One day you wake up, turn on the laptop and see one or a few hair-like vertical lines in different colors.What could be wrong?When I torque the screen, the image appears but its distorted with some horizontal lines running across the screen.When your laptop displays inverted colors as on the picture above, this is an indication of a bad screen.As soon as I applied some tension to the screen it changed the pattern.Assemble the display back together.If case 580 l service manual thats the case, replacing the bad fuse should fix the problem.The external monitor worked fine.Here are some of our top picks.After a few seconds the image washes away.

In this guide Ill be replacing failed LCD screen on a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop.
Heres a picture of Satellite M55 LCD screen I made this morning.
Some horizontal lines appeared in the middle of the LCD.