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This evergreen advice often gets interpreted to mean that passwords should be obscure, or a term no one would ever think youd pick if they had a million years.
This, macworld article on security in the iCloud age also has some suggestions on strong password creation.
Password reset questions users fill in with common information hackers can easily find online like birth dates, birth city, mothers maiden name and the name of your first pet.
That seems pretty secure, right?Standard off-the-shelf hardware cracks most passwords.February 15, 2019 In "IT" "Press", itunes codes no survey no EO Johnsons Locknet Managed IT Honored at Inaugural Channel Partners Evolution Awards October 25, 2018 In "IT" "Press".Step 4: Change Your Password Often It's important to change your password often.That way, if that online game site gets hacked, I can't take that password and get into your bank account.

Imagine a case where you find a website or a game online that you think is fun and entertaining.
By changing your password regularly, you ensure that even if someone breaks in, their window of opportunity to exploit you is limited.
I hope this advice makes my job as difficult as possible to crack your passwords, but thankfully, so many people won't take this advice that I know there will always plenty of easy pickings among your neighbors and colleagues.
Here are 6 ways to make hacking hard.Most of us find it easier to repeat one password in multiple accounts by switching around the same numbers, symbols or names.They can spread the workload across thousands of computers.If they are all the same, I have struck gold!And using when was the first cabbage patch kid adopted characters, a mix of lower and upper case letters and numbers creates slight variations of a hash.Social security information and other key data in the hands of hackers could impact your job, family and future.The fundamental rule of password cracking is that the longer the password, the longer is takes to crack.Type the magic word and presto, security circumvented.Odds are, most people trying to crack your passwords dont know you.However, making a good complex password means knowing a bit about how passwords get broken.The word 'password number sequences, and other simplistic phrases or numbers fill the top spots.Here are several independent evaluations of the many options available.People who know that I am a professional hacker often ask me what they can do to make their computers and personal information safe from people like.