Sales catalogue.00 Rollei Magic - Automatic Perfect Pictures.
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79 pages, 180x125mm, text.
34 pages, 95x125mm, date coded 02/59.00 Zeiss Ikoflex IIa instructions.
47 pages, 105x150mm.00 Pentax MEF instruction book.71 pages, 115x170mm, English/German/French/Spanish.00 Contax TLA30 instruction book.22 pages, 110x115mm.00 Yashica D instruction book.49 pages, 100x160mm, date coded 10/69.00 Zeiss Tables for the Contarex.English/German/French/Spanish text.00 Criterion Triaxle Camera service manual cagiva canyon and Photographic Equipment.

48 pages, 100x140mm, date coded 6/54.00 Kodak Catalogue 1939 (with UK prices).
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16 pages, 105x150mm, date coded 05/54.00 Exakta.
53 pages, 200x210mm, dated coded 11/80.A folding 35mm modelcase (Beno) well used camera Exc-Shutter OK excluding B 25 CYH121 Yashica Camera 108 Multi PrgammeYashica M 50/f2 lensrOTC copy instructionsHunter 52mm UV ies books for ece pdf FilterCase Exc 59 CCH431 Zeiss Carl Camera Werramatic De-Lux AutomaticTessar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens Prestor RVS 1-1/750 shutter coupled rangefinder.Its assets - and yours!13 pages, 105x150mm, date coded 01-52.00 Exa instruction book.Aperture Priority - Two Exposure Metering Methods, 41 pages, 200x210mm, date coded 12/83.

16 pages, 75x120mm, date coded 02-62.00 Voigtlander VSL3-E instruction book.