Reviewers also noted that the PC version of the game was buggy and had "a number of frustrating problems including a lag in multiplayer modes which for some players rendered the game almost "unplayable".
Retrieved June 29, 2012.
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145 146 Sales remained strong months after the game's release, remaining at the top-seller list in February 2011.
Our resource links are manually approved allowing us to mark a link as a do-follow link as well.It serves as the sequel.31 The Wii version of the game includes in-game voice chat.Mason and CIA operative Jason Hudson are the game's main playable characters, as well as Red Army soldier Viktor Reznov in only one mission.Both have dismemberment censored.What an individual say whenever you talk to yourself?"Call of Duty: Block Ops (PC edition.

Trainer: Trainer sind kleine Programme, die während eines Spiels gestartet werden.
"Cheating on Black Ops".
Archived from the original on July 11, 2011.Although primarily a first-person shooter, certain levels feature sequences where the player pilots a Hind helicopter and guides friendly troops from a SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.In this way, the player's characters have their own traits such as voices and shadows.Perhaps raise your credibility many notches.Archived from the original on April 3, 2015.The defector turns out to be none other than Reznov, who joins them as they penetrate Laos to recover a Nova 6 shipment from a downed Soviet plane.Od razu zyskał dużą popularność.2 The game runs on an enhanced World at War engine (which itself was improved from Call of Duty 4 's) at 60 frames per second across all platforms, excluding the Wii.We game dvds iso pc (ps2 emulator) are updating our do-follow broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers.