CompTIA (R) Network N10- 007 Exam Cram, Sixth Edition is the perfect study guide to help you pass CompTIA's Network N10-007 exam.
Sample Content, table of Contents, introduction, chapter 1: Introduction to Networking Technologies.
Chapter 11: Network Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Steps and national food security act manual Procedures Identify the Problem Establish a Theory of Probable Cause Test the Theory to Determine Cause Establish a Plan of Action Implement the Solution or Escalate Verify Full System Functionality Document the Findings, Actions, and Outcomes Hardware and.
We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.You will have great references, but do not expect to be taught something that you do not know.Exam Cram titles are designed for fast review and learning on the certification topic that is important to you.Understand essential network forensics concepts, troubleshoot routers, switches, wiring, connectivity, and security.Chapter 2: Models, Ports, Protocols, and Networking Services The OSI Networking Model The OSI Seven-Layer Model Comparing OSI to the Four-Layer TCP/IP Model Identifying the OSI Layers at Which Various Network Components Operate Ports and Protocols Connection-Oriented Protocols Versus Connectionless Protocols Internet Protocol Transmission Control.Perform basic router/switch installation and configuration.Chapter 3: Addressing, Routing, and Switching IP Addressing IPv4 IP Address Classes Subnet Mask Assignment Subnetting Identifying the Differences Between IPv4 Public and Private Networks Classless Interdomain Routing Default Gateways Virtual IP IPv4 Address Types IPv6 Addressing Comparing IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing Assigning IP Addresses.

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Monitor and analyze network traffic, understand IPv6 and IPv4 addressing, routing, and switching.
Exam Alerts, Sidebars, and Notes interspersed throughout the text keep you focused on what you need to know.
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Understand modern network topologies, protocols, and infrastructure.Access to the digital edition of the Cram Sheet is available through product registration at Pearson IT Certification; or see the instructions in the back pages of your eBook.Chapter 10: Network Security Physical Security and Device Hardening Adding Physical Security to the Mix Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication Secured Versus Unsecured Protocols Additional Device Hardening Authentication and Access Controls Mandatory Access Control Discretionary Access Control Rule-Based Access Control Role-Based Access Control radius and tacacs.Exam topic lists make referencing easy.We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.Covers the critical information youll need to know to score higher on your CompTIA Network (N10-007) exam!People who bought this also bought.Covers the critical information you'll need to know to score higher on your CompTIA Network (N10-007) exam!Efficiently implement and troubleshoot WANs, install, configure, secure, and troubleshoot wireless networks.Glossary TOC 2/7/2018.Chapter 9: Network Operations Documentation Management Wiring and Port Locations Physical and Logical Network Diagrams Baselines Policies, Procedures, Configurations, and Regulations Labeling Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Backups Backup Best Practices Using Uninterruptible Power Supplies Alternatives to UPS Hot, Warm, and Cold Sites High Availability.

I strongly recommend having an understanding of the concept/modules as this book will assume that you have an idea on what this certification is asking for.