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# cat m m m # openssl ca -policy policy_anything -out m -config /etc/ssl/f -infiles m # mv m m Now m is the private key and m is the server certificate.# rsync -axSRz /home/ # rsync -axSRz /home/ # To copy back Some important options: -a, -archive archive mode; same as -rlptgoD manual de instrucciones de lavavajillas bosch (no -H) -r, -recursive recurse into directories -R, -relative use relative path names -H.# 0 is the command itself # # The number of arguments * # All arguments (also Special Variables # The current process ID?# dd bs1k g o skip300 Convert a bin/cue image.iso The little bchunk program t/projects/bchunk/ can do this.# aptitude install cheese cheese If you see your face, iSight is probably working.# special characters any other will match themselves # escapes special characters and treat as literal * # repeat the previous item zero or more times.# On Windows use instead of ' Create PDF file from images # convert g g all.# tar -cf - -C /etc.# mount -u mount -a # will mount / rw # passwd # reboot Unixes and FreeBSD and Linux method 2 Other Unixes might not let you go away with the simple init trick.# tar -C /usr -czf z local/etc local/www # tar -C /usr -xzf z # To untar the local dir into /usr # cd /usr; tar -xzf z # Is the same as above Extract # tar -tzf z # look inside the archive without.# nano /etc/nf: options logfile /var/log/knockd.# umount /mnt; mdconfig -d -u 0 # dd if/dev/zero bs1m count300 /usr/g # mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /usr/g -u 0 # growfs /dev/md0 # mount /dev/md0c /mnt # File partition is now 300 MB larger Linux # dd if/dev/zero of/usr/g bs1024k count1024 #.# rsync -azR -excludetmp/ /home/user/ [email protected] backup/ Use port 20022 for the ssh connection: # rsync -az -e 'ssh -p 20022' /home/colin/ [email protected] backup/colin/ Using the rsync daemon (used with is much faster, but not encrypted over ssh.

# Enable Client for Microsoft Networks.
# Install the hardware that I manually select # Network adapters # Microsoft, Microsoft Loopback Adapter.
# dd if/dev/hdc of/tmp/o bs2048 convnotrunc Use mkisofs to create a CD/DVD image from files in a directory.