Diagrams to help with maintenance and restoration of your Chevy truck as well.
Since I could see the outline on the floor inside, I drilled a 1" hole, to gain access to the nuts.
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You can hope it stays OK, or gets better, but when it's through a piece of metal, replacement is the only option.Chevy Truck, body Parts Replacement, fAQ, f requently.I then cut off the old rotted out Cab Corner.We ship anywhere in the world!Today the Haynes Owner's Workshop Manuals or ".Since I didn't have a Cab Floor Support Channel laying around, and didn't order one, I tried another idea.

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I did weld the new Rockers on the three other edges.
By that I mean you bolt the Inner Fender to the Fender, and then bolt them onto the truck as one piece.
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Two other books were written.Believe me, I had to assemble my new bed, and I thought I'd never get all the bolts in!The 80 GMC has a Jasper motor with less than 20,000 miles.We work on all plows, and sell and install truck accessories, and do a little welding and fabrication.I then cut out a 2" x 2" square section around the hole I drilled.Chuck Smith, update, i started my site in 1998 as an AOL Member page, back when they gave you a whole 5mb of space to host as many pages and pictures as you could (so that is why many of the original pictures here seem.