South Asian Christian Diaspora: Invisible Diaspora in Europe and North America.
" Tamil Diaspora - Sangam.
Trinidad and Tobago edit service manual sony vaio vgn-nw Main article: Indo-Trinidadian and Tobagonian Tamils have been in Trinidad and Tobago since the 1840s.
Oceania edit Australasia edit Australia edit Main article: Tamil Australian There are officially about 72,000 Tamils in Australia spread out in all the six states but the concentration is mainly in the states of New South Wales and Victoria.
When the British withdrew, many of the Sepoys mutinied and refused to leave.39 Melanesia edit Fiji edit Main article: South Indians in Fiji Fiji had a Tamil population user manual for jeep grand cherokee 2012 of over 110,000 having been taken there to work in the plantations by the colonial masters in the 1880s."Funding the 'Final War ltte Intimidation and Extortion in the Tamil Diaspora" ( PDF ).Tamil holidays and festivals such as Tamil New Year, Pongal, Timiti and Thaipusam are celebrated on a national level.They even wear Hindu symbols of Vibuthi and Tilakam.29 The region in and around Cainta still has many Sepoy descendants.Retrieved 1 maint: Archived copy as title ( link ) "Archived copy".Archived from the original.Sweden has a Tamil population of about 2,000 and is of recent origin.Most of these people are Migrants while some of them have been living there for generations.20th century dispersal of Tamils from India edit Main articles: South Indian Tamil diaspora and Tamil Muslim In the second half of the 20th century, Tamils from India migrated as skilled professionals to various parts of India and countries like UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

By Region edit Africa edit Mainland Africa edit With reference to Mainland Africa, There is a significant amount of Tamils in Africa, Especially Kenya.
Germany edit Sri Kamakshi Ambaal temple in Hamm, Germany Germany has well over 50,000 Tamils and more than half of them went as refugees from Sri Lanka.
Also many Tamils from India and Sri Lanka migrated to Crown colony of Singapore and British Malaya as labours, army clerks and merchants.
Students were taught English, a second language, as well as Malay as a third language.More than 80 have completed high school education compared to 78 (2010) for the general Australian population.110 Raghuram, Parvati; Sahoo, Ajaya Kumar; Maharaj, Brij; Sangha, Dave (16 September 2008)."History of the Tamil Diaspora".Australian Bureau of Statistics.These groups then dominated the trade and finance in Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, South Africa and other places.Indian Ocean Islands edit Mauritius edit Main articles: Tamil Mauritian and Indo-Mauritian Mauritius has a Tamil population of 115,000.17 These Tamilians well integrated, assimilated with their adopted countries, and became part and parcel of local populations in Mauritius, South Africa, Guyana, and Fiji.Archived from the original ( PDF ).37 Switzerland edit Main article: Swiss Tamils Switzerland has about 40,000 Tamils the majority of whom are from Sri Lanka who went as refugees."Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories, Representations".Malaysia and Singapore edit Main article: Tamil Malaysians See also: Singapore Tamils Tamil girls in Malaysia Malaysia has a Tamil population of 1,800,000 making.3 of the Malaysian population as of 2018 starting mainly from 1901 when it was called British Malaya."Britain urged to protect Tamil Diaspora".There was a Shiva temple called the "Madras Sivalayam" or the Caura Road temple.The Sydney Murugan Temple was constructed for the needs of the large Tamil population in Western Sydney.

Now there are more than 250,000 Tamils spread over in many cities, the concentration being in Natal and Durban.