On a Funkeys note, from everything we've ben hearing, the first Hidden Realm Funkeys may very well be hitting the shelves in mid to late December!
I'd love to know where he got all these from!
Labels: Adventure Pack, Bones, Exclusive Funkeys, Funkeystown, Henchmen, K-Mart, Master Lox, Mayor Sayso, Purchasing Funkeys Funkiki Island Adventure Pack is Back!
Labels: Hidden Realm, Maul, Nectar, Paradox Green, Purchasing Funkeys, Rastro, Series 5, Tadd Update: Maul and Nectar Sighted as Well The same seller that sold the Rastro and Tadd now has Nectar and Maul up, again both the very rare versions!Of course the TWO they had were both ones I had already broken down and purchased on eBay months after being released.Labels: Black Hub, Hidden Realm, International Shipping, Purchasing Funkeys Funkeys Ultimate Checklist Version.0 Say it with me now.You can order it here, but only if you live in the UK for now.They have some great looking Funkeys up for auction right now.

So since we are coming up on a period of mass spending in the US and many other countries, I thought I'd take this opportunity to point out the "Where to Buy Funkeys" page on this site.
The set includes Mayor Sayso, Master Lox, one of the Henchmen, and YET another Bones for everyone that is still without a Bones.
Also it doesn't have an image yet and just says "4-pack so I'm curious if this will be a four pack like we saw for Dream State where there was one normal version of four different figures, or whether it will be like the 4-packs.
So what do you think?Check to see if there are Paradox Funkeys on eBay now!So for those who don't have any of them yet, this could be a great way to jump in to Dream State.With the game creation aspect of Paradox Green, everyone should be able to keep each other interested and entertained by creating their own games to share!Might be a good idea to keep an eye open in that area.The floodgates will likely open soon on eBay for those who don't have good distribution nearby.There was also a Funkeys mousepad that just sold a few days ago.Funkey speed racer taejo ultra rare - never officially released IT does exist AND IT does work, I have played IT, BUT could NOT GET insane high score Bid at your own risk, but this seller does have really good feedback, so I have.Now just to be clear, this auction I came by on eBay is not mine!The pack was initially reported on eBay a few days ago, but many of our forum members have started finding them at their local K-Mart stores and the following image was supplied by amlovelady.I'm guessing no, but I could be wrong.It's been quiet on the Funkeys front.The scene with the flying ship 1997 nissan terrano service manual that takes you to Hidden realm alone is very impressive.I also see that there are currently a few sets on eBay.Labels: Ace, ebay, Game Creator, Game Factory Tool, Mulch, Purchasing Funkeys Very Rare Paradox Figures, Something Is Very Wrong So I've been watching the Paradox Green figures on eBay so far (or I guess I should just call them Series 5 since two of them.

I'm not saying that "a lot" of them are the Very Rare, "ALL" of them have been so far.
As of the time I'm writing this, here are the counts: Nectar : Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 11 Tadd : Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 8 Rastro : Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 12 Maul.
You can check now if they are in stock yet by clicking here.