W 1994 mercury tracer owner's manual podróży towarzyszy nam trzyosobowa załoga składająca się z pilota Ne'Ban, inżyniera pokładowego Isaaka oraz kobiety, oficera wywiadu Aida.
Wszystko idzie dobrze dopóki nie wybucha międzygwiezdna wojna, w której uczestniczy kilka obcych ras, armie najemników oraz niesława Ziemska Piechota.
Pretty graphics aside, there are portions of Unreal II that could easily be mistaken for other sci-fi shooters like Red Faction, C C: Renegade, Halo, Serious Sam, Elite Force, or even Quake 2; only at the very end of the game do things turn around.
Aida, your first officer-ette, has the chest of Lara Croft and dresses like a Bon Jovi groupie.
But if you have no aspirations of level creation or mod making, that's about all there is to Unreal.Overall, the weapons are serviceable enough, as is the combat.Unreal 2 to be sure: it is a beautiful, beautiful game.In fact, some of the best parts of the game are just looking around.

For the most part, Unreal II's twelve large missions are standard shooter fare - you walk around and kill things.
Unreal II is set in the same universe as the original game, but this time around you're max payne 3 blackbox crack chomikuj playing Marshal John Dalton, an ex-space marine working for a cosmic police force called the Terran Colonial Authority.
By far, the graphics are the star of Unreal.
Before each assignment, the player is briefed aboard the orbiting Atlantis.Wśród różnorodnych zadań możemy spodziewać się takich jak: atak na pozycje wroga z oddziałem towarzyszącym, obrona bazy, uwalnianie zakładników, eskorta ludności cywilnej czy kradzież informacji.Ultimately, while there is a lot of eye candy here, there's nothing at all new.While the player's first responsibility must be the protection of the frontier citizens in the area, determining the cause of this sudden war could make that job a lot easier.You could package Unreal 2 in a different box and call it 'Alien Shoot 'Em Up'?As in many other first-person shooters, a tutorial is present to help newbies get acquainted with things.When loading up the game for the first time, it's hard not to be impressed by Unreal II's beautiful graphics.W grze mamy do wykonania serię trzynastu połączonych fabułą misji, rozgrywających się w dżunglach tropikalnych planet, w starożytnych ruinach miasta obcej cywilizacji, w tunelach wydrążonych głęboko pod ziemią, na niestabilnej powierzchni wulkanicznego świata, w obcych instalacjach przemysłowych, w głębinach oceanicznego świata czy na pokładzie obcego.Here's the long and short of the game: alien artifacts have turned up that, when meddled with, unleash a whole host of nasty creepy crawlies that you need to reduce to protoplasm or somehow send back from whence they came.Grass blows in the wind, character models are well-defined, and levels are meticulously detailed.Like its predecessor, expect a host of patches and updates to correct these 'minor'?Your money is much better spent on, medal of Honor or Return to Wolfenstein or saved for.

As things progress, you and your crew embark on an artifact hunt, trying to keep the relics out of alien hands and collecting data on how all the pieces fit together.